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Uffe Isolotto.jpg

Uffe Isolotto

Phantom Limb (Sensorimotor Homunculus in Panton Phantom Chair), 2011

© Uffe Isolotto

Uffe Isolotto’s work is a 3D-rendered portrayal of a naked man with enlarged hands, eyes, and mouth. In fact, the figure is an exact reproduction of the sensory homunculus, which represents a map in the brain of its neural pathways to our sensory organs. Here, the face and hands are represented as enlarged compared to the torso, arms, and legs, since there are more receptors in these areas.


The model gives us an impression of how our brain and body are connected. However, by turning sensory homunculus into a digital sculpture, Isolotto addresses our sensual and motile interaction with digital devices in our everyday lives. Illustrating how we are prolonging our sensorial brain experiences into virtual worlds and vice versa, the work demonstrates that new technologies rely on precisely the body parts with a large number of receptors.

Ida Schyum, 

 cand.mag in art history