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- Text by Ida Schyum - 

Through the online group exhibition Extensions vol. 1 the new artist-driven platform Radar Contemporary puts the Danish digital art scene under the microscope. Made even more relevant by the corona lockdown, the exhibition takes the measure of what happens when our lives and art get extended into the digital field. And precisely by focusing on technologies as extensions of ourselves, the artworks stage the ways we embody the digital.

The corona crisis has radically extended our bodies. As a point of no return, we now conceive ourselves as intertwined in an enormous microbic network constantly exchanging microorganisms. Since a stranger under two meters away from us these days seems like a risk of contagious connection, the embodied sense of a relation to the world’s larger goings‐on, will always be prevalent. But while the analog body is in quarantine, we extend ourselves digitally more than ever searching for intimacy through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype. As these meetings for most of us has turned out somehow disappointing in the end, it is even more clear that art is crucial to investigate, expand, and critically question our digital platforms and interfaces. 

Helene Nymann

Selva of Selves (S.O.S) 2019

Uffe Isolotto

The Drift, 2019

Louise Alenius

Tête performance Etude nr 6, 2020

Amalie Smith

Michanikos 2015

Ida Kvetny

Lithodendrum, 2020

Kristoffer Ørum

Vladimir's Tongue, 2019

Andreas Refsgaard

Aagaards glasplader hacked, 2019

Diana Velasco

Self Portraits, 2020

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