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Louise Alenius Boserup is a Danish autodidact classical composer born in 1978. In her spiritual choral works and installations, she investigates the boundary between the listener and the music, as well as between the musical and scenographic experience. Louise Alenius has received the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s honorary grant in addition to several other music awards and Reumert nominations for her innovative works, including the one-to-one performance series Porøset at the Royal Danish Theatre (DK), the choral work Rite of Nothing at the Cisterns(DK), the opera Silent Zone, and her miniature opera for the dying, Prequiem.


In 2019, Alenius exhibited her installation Tête at the National Gallery of Denmark (DK). Alenius also conducts the choir Korage featuring several Danish soloists and she is currently writing a major new opera for the Royal Danish Theatre (DK), which will premiere in 2022. Furthermore, her ballet, Napoli, recently premiered at the Royal Danish Theatre’s Old Stage (DK).

Louise Alenius (b. 1978)

Photo: Justin Hummerston

Eighteen Gallery

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