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web.Omar Kholeif. Photo credit.Eric T. W
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Dr. Omar Kholeif, author, curator and cultural historian is director of collections and senior curator at the Sharjah Art Foundation. Kholeif trained as a political scientist and semiotician, starting his career as a journalist and documentary film-maker before entering the picture palace of museums. Under the tutelage of the late Professor Jean Fisher, Kholeif’s research and writing have focused on the intersections of technology with post-colonial, queer, and critical race theory. The curator of over one hundred exhibitions of visual art, architecture and digital culture, Kholeif is also the author and editor of thirty-one books, translated into twelve languages. Recent and forthcoming titles include, Goodbye, World! Looking at Art in the Digital Age (Sternberg Press, 2018); Art in the Age of Anxiety (MIT Press, 2021); Internet Art: The First Thirty Years (Phaidon, 2022) and Code-Switchers Keep On Switchin’ (Sylvia and Cathy, 2022).

Photo: Eric T. White

Dr. Omar Kholeif

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