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© Kristoffer Ørum

Kristoffer Ørum

http://crayfish.oerum.org/, 2021.

Kristoffer Ørum has created a platform on which we are asked if we “would like to know more.” By clicking on the text, videos appear in random order comparing our fears of the digital transformation and invasive species with Danish xenophobia. For example, a deep fake video with the Danish right-wing politician Pernille Vermund draws parallels between her utterances on immigrants and the text from the Danish Nature Agency’s website on the invasive signal crayfish. Furthermore, an animated video explains how signal crayfish arrived in Denmark, reminiscent of government information videos. The result is a medley of fears combined with authoritative communication aesthetics to investigate whose utterances are valued in our public discourse.

Ida Schyum

cand.mag in art history