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© Kristoffer Ørum

Kristoffer Ørum

Vladimir's Tongue, 2019

Kristoffer Ørum's work Vladimir’s Tongue breathes independent digital life into world-famous flesh. More specifically, Ørum distributes Putin’s face online by adding it onto the viewers’ bodies through their own webcam. However, as a digital rendering of Putin’s body part, the face no longer seems like an extension of him. Instead, the face acts like an isolated entity similar to the function of orthodox religious icons. As Putin’s face speaks of Russian identity in the viewer’s place, the work gives a visual impression of how digital images today do not just document reality but instead form identity and power relations. Like index fingers, binary digits do not only point at the world as it is. Instead, they are abstract mathematical imaginaries materializing the world around us.    

Ida Schyum

cand.mag in art history                      

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