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Skærmbillede 2020-07-05 kl. 13.03.33.png
Still from exhibited work

Louise Alenius

Tête performance Etude nr 6, 2020

© Louise Alenius

Eigtheen Gallery

A machine learning technology is implied in music streaming platforms, using billions of people’s inputs to create stereotypical categorizations of music to be mass consumed. In response to this development, composer Louise Alenius has created a scenography for ten études improvised by her. Taking back control of the musical experience, she has 3D scanned her own head and reproduced it into a tall wooden sculpture. As the inside of the head functions as a miniature concert hall for the études, the work brings about a radical imagination of alternative interfaces and music platforms. In the exhibition, we see a video with Alenius moving around thewooden head performing an étude for a listener, allowing both him and us to devote our undivided attention to the musical idea as it’s blossoming inside the artist’s head.

                                                 Ida Schyum

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